6 x UKayed ® Kitchen Helpers Stop Pots & Pans Boiling Over - Pan Lid Riser Steam Vent, Phone & Recipe Holder

The UKayed ® Kitchen Helpers Pan Lid Riser have multi uses. If you want to cool your food down before serving just pop a couple under the lid.
Just pop a couple of the Kitchen Helpers under the lid of your pan, and these little helpers ensure that the saucepan lid stays at the optimum position to allow simmering to continue at the correct level for slow cooking.
Pans Use them to support a hot lid on to your kitchen side or table.
Pack of 6 - Red, Black or White, Made of silicone, Measures: Approx 5.5cm X 4.5cm
Kitchen Helpers hang out of steaming pots and pans keeping lids ajar for cooling, Multi use, fun, perfect kitchen accessory, Hand wash or wipe clean

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